Google Trends: Battle Royale Game Popularity

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According to an analysis of Google Search Data, two of the most popular battle royale games have had slight upticks in searches during the past three months.

Currently, these two games have dominated the battle royale genre of video games. Because they are free-to-play, their user base retention seems to be stable although you can see times in which the interest slightly increases for either one. However, it seems like Fortnite beats Apex in having a higher percentage of interest over time.

On March 16th of 2021, Fortnite reached 100 percent interest. This was due to the end of Season 5 and start of Season 6 which concluded in a major live in-game event and therefore led to more people searching up the game to find out what would be happening during the end of the season and introduction of the new one.

Although Fortnite tends to have a higher interest compared to Apex, the graph displays that Apex had more searches on May 4th of 2021. Players were excited for the release of Season 9, which was introducing a brand new game-mode and character to play as. Because of this, it makes sense why Apex Legends was able to reach a higher interest of popularity during the release window of Season 9.

Both games seem to maintain a stable amount of interest and display slight upticks in popularity when new content is being released or announced.



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